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Fish Identification – Walleye (aka Pickerel)

A walleye is quite a unique fish. It can easily be distinguished amongst all the other fish species that I will discuss in my articles. The walleye is an olive goldish colour but, its colour can become darker or more pale depending on its environment and what it eats.


Fish Identification: Smallmouth Bass

A smallmouth bass is a close cousin of the largemouth bass. However, unlike the largemouth bass, smallmouth bass are usually a little more brownish greenish in color and they have vertical bands along their sides not a large long black band like the largemouth bass.


Fish Identification: Largemouth Bass

A largemouth bass will be a green colour with a horizontal black band stretching though the middle of its body. Depending on what they eat, how deep they live, the colour of the water, and the structure around them, their colour and range from a pale light green to a deep forest green