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Smallmouth Bass – Leonard Lake in the Muskoka region

A little Smallmouth caught in Collingwood

Shore Fishing – Toronto Area

Check out some fishing holes just minutes away from almost anywhere in Toronto.


Fish Identification – Perch (pan fish)

Perch can also go by the name Yellow Perch, and for good reason. They have a dark back, almost black, and their sides are a yellowish greenish colour. Along their body they also have vertical black bands. They are related to walleyes yet they are a quite different fish.


Fish Identification: Rock Bass (pan fish)

Rock Bass are close cousins to largemouth bass and smallmouth bass. Like their cousins they are also a brownish green color but they have rows of dark coloured spots.


Fish Identification: Smallmouth Bass

A smallmouth bass is a close cousin of the largemouth bass. However, unlike the largemouth bass, smallmouth bass are usually a little more brownish greenish in color and they have vertical bands along their sides not a large long black band like the largemouth bass.