Where To Fish On Rice Lake

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Rice Lake is a fantastic lake to fish. It has proven to be a fish factory for many years and many anglers swear by the great walleye fishing that is offered here. For a lake that is quite close to Toronto, only about 1.5 hours away, this is truly a gem that can be fished over a weekend or even just a day trip.

Rice Lake is part of the Trent Severn Waterway making it accessible to a network of great fishing waterways. The lake is named for the wild rice that used to grow around it but it has all but disappeared now. Many people travel to fish Rice Lake specifically for its walleye. In 2009, the night that the seasoned opened for walleye, I was shocked to be fishing side by side with many other anglers at my favorite shore fishing spot. It was 12am and you would of guessed that some major event was going on as there must have been 30 people fishing one spot.

Look around the map and see if you can catch some monsters in the areas outlined. Sure, this lake is known for walleye but there is an abundant amount of largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, pan fish, and the occasional musky. There are lots of resorts long the lake that offer great lodgings for the night or weekend and often times you can rent a boat for a day if you wish to venture out and try your luck on the lake. However, this lake can get choppy at times so make sure you play it safe when boating.

The shore fishing spots outlined on the map are a great place to go if you don’t have a boat. Try exploring all the nooks of the lake and see if you can come up with any other shore fishing areas that I should add to the map. The shore fishing here is great too allowing you to get into some of the thick weeds as well where you can pull out pan fish all day and the occasional big one.

Fast Facts:

Area: roughly 150km²

Length: 32km

Width: 5km

Amenities: There are a few small towns that dot the island from Bewdley on the southern part of the lake to Gore’s Landing and Harwood as you move up the southern shore. These towns usually offer a small corner store, a gas station, and places where you can get bait. If coming from Toronto you can stop off at Port Hope or Cobourg for all your coffee and snack needs. If you are coming from the north, the city of Peterborough is only 20km north.

Here are some pictures of the shore fishing spot at Gores Landing and the free public boat launch:

Gores Landing

View of Gores Landing Shore Fishing