Where To Fish On Pigeon Lake

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Like Canal Lake, Pigeon Lake also harbour’s vast amounts of weeds. It’s not a very deep lake which makes the weeds grow like crazy, but that is a good thing. Muskie, walleye, and bass love the weeds as they provide ample food in the form of panfish. You can troll this lake or you can hunker down in a weed patch and try to pull out some monsters.

For trolling the key spots are around Big Island and through the Gannon Narrows. On the east side of Big Island the weeds are thick so you will need a fairly shallow running bait and yes, you will get caught up in some cabbage, but don’t let this stop you from trolling through there. Be persistent and patient and you will come out successful. Around the Gannon Narrows there is some rocky out-croppings and a few points. Target these areas and you can get lucky with walleye and the occasional musky. Other than those two areas you can try trolling just off the shores of the lake.

The weed patches make for a great day out if you are targeting largemouth bass and even smallmouth bass. From the north to the south of the lake you can find a ton of weedy patches with lily pads and sunken tree structure. Try flipping these areas to get your bait right in front of the bass’ mouth.

If you want to go and spend a night at Pigeon Lake, then go to the east side of Big Island and bring your tent. There is plenty of camping spots here but be sure to snatch one up early in the day as they fill up with other boaters. One word of caution, make sure to secure your food properly as the racoons in this area are relentless and extremely brave. I even had one rip into a tent before in search of food.

Fast Facts:

Length: 22km

Width: 3km at its widest

Mean Depth: 3m

Close towns: Bobcaygeon