Where To Fish On Lake Scugog

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Lake Scugog is a man-made lake and is probably the closest drive for anyone from Toronto. This lake is not a natural body of water. It was a purposely flooded in the late 19th century by damming up the Scugog River and thanks to this we have a great lake for fishing.

Lake Scugog is extremely weedy. The weeds grow thick and abundant here making it a perfect environment for fish to live in. You may get hung up on the weeds while fishing but don’t let that deter you from throwing your bait right into the slop as this will prove quite productive. Make sure you have quite heavy line if you are going to be doing some casting so as not to lose your bait when you cast into the weed line, which is pretty much everywhere.  Personally I used a 17 pound mono-filament line on my bait-caster when fishing this lake and had no issues, while a few friends using 8 pound mono-filament lost their entire set up. I think when I return to this lake I will probably up the ante and throw on some 20 to 30 pound braided line so I can really get into the weeds with no worries.

Trolling Lake Scugog can prove to be productive and you will see a lot of anglers trolling along the lines in the above map. On the south-eastern portion of the lake there is a bit of a clearing which is usually packed with boats trying to snatch up a passing largemouth bass, musky, or walleye. My best tip is to find a quiet bay, make sure you cover as much water as possible, and you’ll land something.

The shore fishing spots outlined on the map are a great place to go if you don’t have a boat. Try exploring all the nooks of the lake and see if you can come up with any other shore fishing areas that I should add to the map. The shore fishing here is great too allowing you to get into some of the thick weeds as well where you can pull out pan fish all day and the occasional big one.

Fast Facts:

Area: 68 km²

Length: 15km

Width: 5km

Temperature: Can go as high as 25°C in the summer

Depth: 1.4 metres average depth. The western side of the lake is the deeper section but still only reaches about 3 metres

Close towns: Port Perry and Lindsay

Amenities: Port Perry and Lindsay offer a variety of coffee shops, fast food, gas stations,  and even some places where you can get fishing tackle should you get stuck in the weeds. Great Blue Heron Casino is located on Scugog Island and is easily accessible by car, so if your luck runs out on the water, try your hand at some cards.