Where To Fish On Canal Lake

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Weeds, weeds, and more weeds! This lake harbours some monster largemouth bass, walleye, and even musky. With it only being an hour drive outside of Toronto this is a favourite hot bed of activity with many shore anglers as well as many boaters. The island in the middle of the lake offers a ton of opportunity for shore fishing and you will always find a spot to cast out no matter how packed it can get. The great thing about shore fishing here is that you really can feel as if you were out in a boat as you can pull in some decent fish just of the banks or around the bridges.

As this lake is covered in weeds it is best to fish it in early spring or in late fall when the cover dies down a bit, but don’t be deterred by this, there is still ample opportunity during the dog days of summer. It may be very weedy but all anglers know that weeds are like the kitchen in your house. They offer cover for many bait fish, crawfish, and insects which the big boys chase after. If you plan on fishing this lake in the middle of summer be sure to find a pocket amongst the weeds and fish it slow with either a spinner bait of a Texas rigged worm. By doing this you put the bait right in the strike zone of the fish and you can expect to land a few monsters here.

Sure largemouth bass and walleye can be caught here but if you’re lucky, patient, and fish here often, you just may land the monster musky you’re looking for. Try following the trolling lines outlined in the map and be sure to fish in and around the two bridges. The deeper waters around these bridges offer a lot of room for big game fish.

For a lake that is so close to Toronto there is no excuse not to get out there and try your luck at catching some monsters.

Fast Facts:

Length: 12km

Width: At its widest 3.5km

Temperature: Can go as high as 25°C in the middle of summer

Depth: A very shallow lake with most areas only 1.5 metres deep

Close Towns: Bolsover and Kirkfield

Amenities: Around the locks you will find washrooms. Along highway 48 there are a few burger joints for a quick snack.