Where To Fish On Bay of Quinte

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They Bay of Quinte has become the walleye capital of the Ontario. Huge ones are caught here day in and day out in all seasons. Trolling seems to be the most effective method of catching them here, but if you find a hole where they are stacked up, jigging a grub or minnow can also be very effective. Bright flashy colours of lures are the norm here and always seem to produce. Colours like chartreuse and orange really produce a bite from the monster eyes and they will do anything to chase them down. Get a few Rapala Tail Dancers that dive anywhere from 10-20 feet and you’ll be setting hooks all day long. The Bay of Quinte is best known for its walleye action but there is a variety of fish that can be caught here.

Smallmouth bass are also very plentiful in the bay. They are easily caught in drop off areas where is a lot of rocks. Try fishing in and around the many bridges that go across the bay to land this great fighting fish. Largemouth can also be caught in the bay but in calmer waters usually. Check the back bays, any thick vegetation, or in and around docks.

There are also pike and musky in the bay as well as pan-fish such as perch. You can really catch a large variety of fish here so come prepared to fish for whatever is biting. The bay has plenty of drop offs, shoals, and structure to fish so it is never super crowded in any given location and you’ll always find a quiet place to catch some fish.