Live Target Lures


A few years ago I went to the Outdoorsman Show in Toronto and came across a new product called Live Target Lures. Right away I saw that these lures stood out with their realistic paint schemes and the attention to detail. I started talking to the guy behind the display case and he really seemed passionate about the product, went into a detailed description about the manufacturing process and showed us all of the lures and the many different lines. This was my first introduction to what quickly became my lure of choice for almost any crank bait fishing I do now.

After my chat with the Live Target representative I decided to give these lures a try. I ended up buying one of their smaller crank baits The Bluegill (Flat-side Roundbill). At first I was a little hesitant since the pricing was about double than that of a regular crank bait, but I figured I’ll take a chance. Unfortunately I had to wait till the snow melted and the spring came before I could really see this bait in action, since the Sportsman show is in March. Come the opening of walleye season I was impressed with my first outing. This bait really performed. I fished Rice Lake for some early season walleye and couldn’t believe it, I was hooking into a few really nice ones. Everyone else was using the typical crank baits or jig set ups but I seemed to be getting the best luck. A buddy of mine was fishing right next to me and was getting angry that I was landing fish and he wasn’t. Right then and there I was sold I knew I had found my new favorite bait. Now, this does not mean that I only use this bait when fishing but if definitely is my go to bait when searching out where the fish are. Later that summer I was using this bait on my locale lake fishing for bass and they were hammering it all day long. The morning, the evening, the middle of the day! It just didn’t matter; the bass seemed to be drawn to this little bait. Little bluegills and sunfish are found all over the lakes I fish and they, along with minnows, are the best food source for all the fish.

After my great experience with this bait I ended up buying a few more of the lures and am just having a ball with them. They are a great multi-species bait and since that first introduction where they only had a few lines of lures the company has expanded. I see the lures on all my favorite fishing shows, on WFN, and even see some of the pros being sponsored by Live Target. So if you are wondering what one bait do I really need, especially for fishing Ontario, my suggestion is get yourself one of these Live Target Baits and you won’t be disappointed.