Big Baits For Big Fish

In the case of fishing, bigger is definitely better. What do I mean by this? Well, catching bigger fish is better, more fun, more challenging and allows to you have stories to tell for years to come. Now how do you catch these larger fish? The so-called “secret” to catching larger fish is simply to use larger baits.

Now be aware that there are some draw backs to fishing larger baits and lures, and they may not always be effective, but once you hook into a monster pike, musky, or even a big largemouth bass or walleye you will be hooked, pardon the pun, on fishing with larger baits. I have been reading and watching a lot of fishing shows and magazines which all stress the benefits of using these larger baits so I decided to try it out with wonderful results.

Baits and lures come in all shapes, sizes, and colours and of course the trick is to find the right bait for the right fish at the right time. This is what separates tournament winners from tournament losers and what can make for an exciting day of fishing for you or can make you come home without even pulling in one fish. This is why I stress that big baits do have some drawbacks but the benefits definitely outweigh these drawbacks.

So what big baits and lures am I talking about? There are of course a variety of them out there, from crank baits, spinner baits, swim baits, big spoons, big worms, and these are all targeted for catching those larger fish. When you go to your local fishing shop you will inevitably come across some of these large baits and wonder, is this a joke? Do fish really go after baits this big? The answer is of course, yes. They wouldn’t be making these baits if they were ineffective. If you are serious about fishing and have decided that this is a sport you can really get into I suggest buying one or two of these large baits and trying them out. For a first timer I would really suggest getting a large musky style bait such as a buck tail and a large crank bait. As you will see in the photos below.

Mepps – Bucktail Giant Killer

This lure is a Giant Killer Bucktail and is produced by Mepps. Mepps creates a lot of these styles of lures specifically for pike and musky anglers. These are proven baits and have been on the market for many years now. Many anglers swear by these. The one in this picture is one of the more traditional style baits you can use to target these large predatory fish. The best way to fish them is trolling them around the edges of weeds. You can cast these baits as well if you are shore fishing but ideally you use them when trolling. The red hairs, or the bucktail as it is referred to, gives the bait more body so a passing pike or musky thinks it is a larger bait fish. The red in this tail also increases your chances of a bite. Many studies have been done by pro anglers and they swear by the fact that red hooks or baits with a trail of red in them attract more fish. Also on this bait is a spinner. When trolling or retrieving this bait the spinner creates flash and vibrations through the water making it more noticeable to fish and more attractive. I have caught numerous pike on these baits and I too have been sold on them.

Storm – Giant Thunderstick

This large bait is a Thunderstick and is produced by Storm. This is just like any other crank bait/ stick bait but is just simply larger in size. With its rattles inside and side to side wobble in the water, this bait imitates an attractive meal to a large predatory fish. You can fish it just like the Mepps Giant Killer Bucktail.

Giant Thunderstick comparison

Here is a comparison of the Giant Thunderstick to a regular 4 inch Thunderstick, and a regular crank bait. You can see the difference in size and what I mean when I talk about big lures.

Large Williams spoon

Large spoons such as this Williams spoon are also quite effective. Spoons are almost exclusively used when trolling. This particular spoon has a high reflective silver coating as well as a reflective red stripe on it. A spoon will wobble sporadically giving the impression that it is an injured fish, an easy meal for a pike or musky.

As I mentioned big baits are effective at catching big fish but they can be tricky at times. Ideally you want to troll these baits right beside weed beds, along channels in lakes, or through larger deep opened areas of a lake. If you start your troll and go through some heavy cover you will be do nothing but pulling weeds off of your bait all day long. If possible, use a fish finder or even visually inspect what type of water you are fishing. If it is extremely weedy then you want a shallow diving large bait such as the Thunderstick or a swim bait. If you are getting into deeper waters and need some more reflectivity to attract fish, something like the Mepps or Williams baits are perfect. These baits create a lot of turbulence through the water and reflect sunlight all over the place making the fish think that there is an easy meal right under its nose.

A key tip to fishing large baits is to only use them in the middle of summer right through to the fall. The reason being is that during the early season big pike and big musky do not have the larger food sources like they do later on in the year. Spring time is when most fish species lay their eggs and when most fish hatch so the food sources are smaller but plentiful. This does not mean that you won’t necessarily land a big fish using a big bait in spring, but you will have to slow down your presentation, troll at a lower speed, and you may wish to use a slightly smaller bait. Fall is the best time for big baits. The fish know the season is changing. They need to eat before the winter sets in and their food sources have had the summer to fatten up.  Ask any angler and they will tell you that the fall is the best time for monster pike and musky with big baits.

Do yourself a favour and next time you are at your local tackle shop don’t be intimidated by the larger baits. Grab a few of them and see if you can hook into a monster.

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