Make Sure To Take Your Kids Fishing

When I started this website I had all the time in the world to fish. Each weekend I headed out Friday and would come back on Sunday from fishing all weekend, now however I have a family and two little ones, which doesn’t allow for a lot of free time. I’m trying to pass on my love for fishing to both of them, at the time of writing this my youngest is a bit too young to fish, but she will get there. For my oldest however I have tried to instill my love of fishing. Each Saturday morning we come downstairs and watch all the fishing shows. She’s good for the first 15 minutes of a show but then gets bored and wonders off…I guess that’s pretty normal, but at least she is getting some of it in. The real joy is actually taking her fishing. I don’t want to over do it as I don’t want her to get overwhelmed or start to loathe it, but any chance I get I take her out.

 This past summer I was just sitting around with her and she said she wanted to go fishing. Without hesitation, and before she had a chance to change her mind, I grabbed a light fishing rod, worms, bobbers and we were out the door. We live pretty close to the water and I know a small part of the bay that always holds little fish, perch mainly. I was surprised by her interest. She wanted to put the worm on the hook, hold the rod and of course hold the fish. It’s important to make sure your kid is catching something to keep them interested. They don’t have to be trophy fish but the constant action will always excite them. Look for a shallow bay or at the end of a dock and you should usually get something small nibbling at your line. That day is a memory I will cherish forever and want to instill on everyone. Make sure to keep your love of fishing alive and bring out the next generation to enjoy our sport.

As she grows older I hope she keeps that same excitement for fishing as she did that one day, with any luck I will have a fishing partner for life.