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Let me give you a brief introduction to the site, why it was made, and even a little about me.

The idea for this site came along as a place where I could put down my ideas, but quickly I realized that there wasn’t one fishing website that offered anglers everything they need to know, from how to get started in fishing to how to become a more advanced angler. I have used my knowledge and experience of fishing all over Ontario to bring what I know to the forefront and show anglers the basics, such as where to get started, what equipment they need, and where to fish. However I don’t just stop there. There are many articles and videos on the site that teach the basics of fishing, but there is also a lot of information for the more novice/advanced angler on how and where to fish, what bait to use, and even locations that have proved productive for me in the past.

I am not a tournament angler, at least not yet, but I just wanted to share some of my knowhow to get more people involved in fishing and to improve everyone’s fishing techniques. I designed this site, with help from my friends, because I watched the fishing shows and read the magazines, but they all are for the more advanced angler. I wanted to create a site that would be the starting point for someone that was thinking of getting into fishing, a place where anglers can come to brush up their skills, and discuss fishing tips, tricks, and tactics. This site is a place where you can learn the basics and then grow to become a better angler as you catch the fishing bug.

As for myself, I grew up fishing and have always loved it. Most of my vacations as a child were not spent going to far off places but exploring the local lakes and regions of my province, Ontario. The techniques you will read and see on the site don’t necessarily just relate to fishing in Ontario, they can be a guide to fishing almost anywhere is North America.

And one last thing, if you’re wondering about the website name, Piotr is my given name and it translates to Peter in English.

Fishing with Piotr

Fishing with Piotr

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